【Amino Fucoidan】High-purity enriched Fucoidan Capsule 【Amino Fucoidan】Shopping Cart Characteristics of Amino Fucoidan
Amino Fucoidan is extracted from marine algae, commonly known as seaweed, using a unique and specialized technology that maintains the numerous health benefits for the human body. This supplement will enhance and promote a healthy body.
Characteristics of Amino Fucoidan
A Unique Natural Nutrient: 1 kilogram (1000 grams) of Mozuku seaweed is required to extract 1 gram of Fucoidan.
The singular secret of Amino Fucoidan is the micro molecular component of Fucoidan and the presence of various other minerals. Amino Fucoidan capsule

Amino Fucoidan has other ingredients such as Fucoxanthin, a component that has been recognized to have numerous properties that benefit and promote health.

Fucoidan is extracted from large quantities of Mozuku seaweed. Over 1 kg (1000 grams) of this seaweed is required to extract 1 gram of Fucoidan and 1 gram of Fucoidan is needed to extract 1/100 gram of Fucoxanthin. This determines Fucoxanthin as a very valuable nutrient.
Recent studies have revealed that the intake of Fucoidan and Fucoxanthin in a specific quantities, have beneficial effects.

In Europe, Alternative Medicine is highly considered, and physicians are showing a positive interest in the benefits of Fucoidan.
Our product “Amino Fucoidan Capsules” has received official recognition from the Russian Federation as a health supplement. Attached is the certification of Amino Fucoidan from the Russian Government.

The intake of Amino Fucoidan Capsules is expected to reveal the effective characteristics of the component Fucoidan.

Safe Ingredients and Nutritional Factors Ingredients:  Freeze-dried extract of Cladosiphon novae-caledoneae in capsules Ingredients:  Freeze-dried extract of Cladosiphon novae-caledoneae in capsules
Nutrition Facts (1 capsule)

Calories 0.6kcal
Carbohydrates 182.2mg (includes 78.2mg of Daily Recommended Fiber)
Proteins 7.4mg
Fats 2.6mg
Ash Content 43.7mg (includes 8.6 mg of Sodium)
Amino Fucoidan Capsule
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