Most people in Japan live to an advanced age. What is the secret for their health ? 【Amino Fucoidan】highest longevity rate in the world 【Amino Fucoidan】seaweeds is the clue to longevity
One of the reasons for the longevity of the Japanese population is clearly related to their unique diet, which reveals the daily intake of specific nutritional ingredients, which are lacking in other cultures.
The most relevant one is the comsumption of seaweed. The traditional diet of the Japanese population has been based on the intake of Wakame, Nori and Kombu seaweed.
Japan continues to consume seaweed as an ethnic food source, though Western and Chinese cuisines have still to include it as a nutritional supplement in their diet. The region with higher longevity in Japan consumes Kombu and Mozuku seaweed as a daily nutritional part of their diet.
【Amino Fucoidan】seaweeds is the clue to longevity
【Amino Fucoidan】The region with the highest longevity in japan and their consumption of mozuku.
The region with the highest longevity in Japan is Okinawa, a southern island of Japan. The consumption of seaweed by the people in Okinawa, compared to the consumption in other regions, is very high. The consumption of Kombu Seaweed is the highest in Japan and Mozuku Seaweed is consumed 10 times more than in other regions of the country.
Okinawa has traditionally had numerous dishes using Mozuku Seaweed as a nutritional ingredient. The numerous minerals, contained in the seaweed, help regenerate human cells, and is considered to be essential in the absorption of carbohydrates and proteins, which are the key to energy-building molecules.
The people of Okinawa have consumed abundant amounts of seaweed and have become the society of longevity.
【Amino Fucoidan】including minerals,vitamins,amino acids,micronutrients,etc.
In recent years, the main ingredient in seaweed,Fucoidan, has been given special attention. The detoxifying and antioxidant properties increase the immune system and protects the body from renegade cells, influenza and colds. This may be the key to why Japanese have such a high longevity rate.
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