The small molecule by the original manufacturing method Sea Fucoidan’s absorption abilities are different because of its small molecular structures.

Fucoidan is known as a high-molecule polysaccharide, the molecular weight of fucoidan became 200,000-1,000,000, and therefore power of absorption was difficult by all means.
“Sea Fucoidan” minimizes the molecular weight of the mozuku essence up to 500 times,thus greatly increasing absorbency into the intestines.

The essential amino acids combination that a body needs Contains well-balanced essential amino acids vital to the human body.

Amino acids are the source of life and are the smallest unit of protein used to create human cells,hormones,enzymes and so forth.Of the amino acids essential to the human body,nine cannot be synthesised by the human body,therefore they must be taken from food.“Sea Fucoidan”alone contains these nine essential amino acids,as well as an additional nine amino acids.

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Amino Fucoidan (Capsule)
Category:Health food(Seaweed extract processed food)
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price : 55,000 JPY(shipping free)

(Approximately 445€,US$485 as of 1 Mar,2016)
【Nutrition facts】(per capsule)
Energy 0.6kal.
Carbohydrates 186.2mg.
Proteins 7.4mg. (78.2mg of dietary fiber)

Unit of shipment : 1Canister (Containing 90 Capsules)
Amount of content : 90 capsules (one capsule 240mg and 80mg in weight of capsule)
Guarantee Quality Period : 1year (before opening)
Country of origin : Japan
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