Amino Fucoidan FAQ

Frequently asked Questions and Answers for your further understanding.

Q: Can I obtain Fucoidan by eating Mozuku or other seaweed?

You would have to eat about 2 kilograms of Mozuku everyday to gain a heath benefit. However, even by eating such an amount would result in only a very small amount of Fucoidan being absorbed by the body because the body does not possess the necessary enzymes needed to break them down.

Q: Are there any age or body-type restrictions?

Fucoidan is a component of seaweed such as Mozuku and Kombu, and is a natural food product. Because it is the same as eating Mozuku or Kombu, Fucoidan can be taken by anyone of any age.

Q: Is it okay to take Fucoidan with other health foods?

“Amino Fucoidan” is made from natural Mozuku extract, therefore there are no problems to take it with other health foods.

Q: How many Fucoidan capsules should I take?

There are no limits to how many capsules you can take, but as an indication you should take between 1-3 capsules everyday to maintain a healthy body. “Amino Fucoidan” is a food product with nutrient function claims, and should be taken everyday.

Q: When is the ‘best before’ date?

An un-opened bottle is good for one year after opening.
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